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Will Henry is an award-winning producer, filmmaker, and writer, best known for the documentary film, The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neill, now available on Apple TV. He is the Senior Producer of Video & Podcasts at Multiverse Media where he is currently producing the feature documentary, Fortitude. He is also a contributing writer at Film Independent.


Will is the writer/producer of The Legendary Podcast along with host and Blue Origin astronaut, Dylan Taylor, and is the producer of the podcasts, Space Philosophy with Frank White, and Ad Astra.


Will is also a horror writer and storyteller. Contact for writing samples!

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(Writer & Producer)

The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neill is the award-winning documentary film which uncovers the legacy of physicist and space visionary, Gerard K. O'Neill, who in 1977 wrote the book, The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. The book sparked a grassroots movement to build Earth-like habitats in space in order to solve Earth's greatest crises; a vision that is still alive today.

Watch the film on Apple TV

The Legendary Podcast
Hosted by Dylan Taylor

(Writer & Producer)

The Legendary Podcast speaks with top athletes across all disciplines, to discuss their journeys to legendary status in their sports, with a particular focus on the hurdles they faced in getting there. Hosted by Dylan Taylor, recent highlights include guests Lupe FiascoSarah Crowley, and Scott Parazynski.

Listen to The Legendary Podcast

Bulleit Whiskey Branded Spec Pilot
Feat. Will Henry

(Writer & Producer)

The Bulleit Whiskey Branded Spec Pilot is a branded advertising campaign sample intended to showcase the talents of Will Henry's combined expertise in filmmaking and mixology. This pilot is now the inspiration for a new bartending series featuring Will Henry, to be released soon!

Watch All Episodes Here

Warner Bros. DC FanDome 2020
Virtual Event

(Post-Production Supervisor)

The DC Fandome 2020 was Warner Bros.' response to the 2020 cancellation of Comic-Con due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This now yearly event showcases the latest and greatest of creating the WB superhero universe, and is a premiere platform for many new releases from WB.

Watch the Virtual Event

Kerwin Frost Telethon Supershow
Virtual Charity Event

(Post-Production Supervisor)

The First Annual Kerwin Frost Telethon Supershow was a virtual charity event hosted by entertainer, Kerwin Frost, during the 2020 Coronavirus shutdown. The live event which featured artists such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Run D.M.C., and Mac DeMarco, pledged to raise $5 Million for Colin Kaepernick and Nessa’s Know Your Rights Campaign

Watch the Full Event on YouTube

In the News


"Seeking Utopia Among the Stars"

By Ilene Dube

Critic Review of The High Frontier

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Eric Berger's Critic Review of The High Frontier documentary film

Podcast Appearances


Space and Things Podcast hosts filmmakers Will Henry & Dylan Taylor to discuss the legacy of Gerard K. O'Neill


Mat Kaplan hosts the filmmakers of The High Frontier to discuss the making of


The Orbital Mechanics Podcast hosts filmmakers Will Henry and Dylan Taylor to discuss The High Frontier

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